Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) is normally not thought about until AFTER a disaster happens and data is lost. Fires, Power Surges, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, happen with little or no warnings. How protected is your data? If you were to lose your data and/or servers, how would it affect your business?

Network Security

How secure are your environment and equipment? Let GITSNET do a full analysis of your environment, identifying security risks and create/implement plans to secure your data.

IT Staff Augmentation

Our staff can support your business either onsite or remotely. We can have a set schedule or assist on a case by case basis.

Your Data Protected

Whether you have one computer or a network of computers and a data center, GITSNET uses award-winning software and hardware to backup and protect your data.

Security Audits

Our team will work with your staff, conducting security audits identifying technology threats as well as physical threats. A complete report will be provided with a resolution plan. We can also implement and test your plan.

Next Steps…

Contact GITSNET today so we can discuss how we can assist your business.